Cheronissos View

Sifnos Cyclades Greece

We are located in Herronissos, on the north side of the island, which is an idyllic seaside settlement with turquoise waters. In this small fishing village, you will have a beautiful, peaceful holiday, enjoy the clear waters and local specialties. The area is particularly well known, among other things, for its development in the field of pottery.

In the past, the pottery sector flourished in the area with potters creating pitchers for carrying drinking water from wells (stamia in the local dialect). They also produced in hand all the kitchen utensils, the flars (chimneys) that decorate even today the terraces of the houses, completing the traditional picture of island.

Today in the area there is only one potter, who is still active and whose furnace still works, as it used to work in the traditional way of the previous century, keeping the tradition and history of the area and the island alive.

Visitor access – How to find us


From the port in Kamares follow the road to Agios Symeon, reaching Troulaki, turn left and continue straight on.


Just tell him Cheronissos.

Arriving at Cheronissos square, you head as if you want to go to the beach. After 20 meters, turn right and following the small alley, at 15-20 meters you will see the sign that leads to the house.

For anything you need call us at 6978 7495 57

Have a good trip!!