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Traditional house Sifnos

In the middle of the Aegean Sea a small island emerges with great history waiting for you to discover it. The history of the island begins in ancient times when Sifnos, whose name is due to the son of the attic hero ‘Sounion’, was first inhabited by the Pelasgians and then by the Phoenicians. Sifnos was one of the richest islands of the Cyclades during the 6th BC. its wealth was based mainly on its gold mines and silver mines, its quarries, and its ceramic production. The economic and commercial activity of the island was particularly large during the Byzantine period, while during the Turkish era and specifically at the end of the 17th century, the School of the Holy Sepulchre was created, known as the children’s School of the archipelago, which operated until 1833 in the area of the Castle. Intellectual activity on the island flourished.

The most beautiful island of the Cyclades, Sifnos has been a haven for years for lovers of pleasure. In Sifnos you will meet and taste traditional and special flavors and smells since the famous chef Nikos Tselementes came from the island. Sifnos is the island where you can eat like a king and then explore it through the dreamy, picturesque alleys. Its aristocratic air takes off in Artemonas, where the narrow-cobbled streets pass between the traditional houses, the old mansions and the unique white churches, a sample of Cycladic architecture. In the settlement of Kastro (=Castle), time seems to have stopped in the Middle Age, as until today visitors can admire the special architecture with the different from the other areas of Sifnos, road construction due to the defensive character of the area. Kastro was the old capital of the island. The narrow alleys, the small courtyards, as well as the entrances-arcades, which used to be secured to protect the inhabitants from raids are examples of the unique history of this medieval settlement, where a single walk in the area is a trip through history.

Cycladic architecture finds its ultimate expression in Sifnos. The dominant colors of white and blue in the houses, and the emphasis on austerity keep the residential tradition alive from the old days until today. Relaxation and calamity are generously given to the visitor by the sandy beaches of the island with the blue waters. Sifnos, the island of 365 churches (as many as the days of a year), most characterized as historical monuments of particular architecture, fascinates every visitor and invites them every year with the song of the waves of the sea to return in order to explore it more.


Cheronissos View Sifnos